Interest Grows in Vodra Token as March Launch Approaches — New Project Plans To Disrupt Social Media Monetization

A new blockchain project is offering content creators a share in their new token to be used on their decentralized donation platform.

With Vodra, there is a new and unprecedented way for content creators, their audiences and any others who believe in free and open media to benefit from the growth of the platform.

Vodra Whitepaper

What makes the Vodra project unique and so disruptive is a combination of it’s unique redemption method and it’s ability to offer donations without platform fees. For reference, Twitch takes up to 45% with their Twitch Bits and platforms such as Patreon and Kickstarter take anywhere from 5–12%. By introducing the ability to send creators their usual donations and subscriptions with no platform fees, there is no doubt Vodra will be a favourite among Twitch streamers and other content creators.



Blockchain Evangelist & Cryptocurrency Analyst

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